The students in the STB Hockey Academy are expected to be leaders in the school. As a result, Academy students are held to a high standard of behavior in the classroom, in the community, and on the ice.

In the classroom, Academy students must make academics their first priority. Students are expected balance schoolwork and Academy activities to ensure they can complete all assigned tasks. There is frequent communication throughout the school year between homeroom teachers and Academy staff and support is available to students.

Students in the Academy are often in the community, whether at local rinks, pools, or various off-ice facilities. As representatives of St. Benedict School, Academy students must demonstrate appropriate respect to staff and facilities. This same high standard applies to time spent on busses to and from various activities.

On the ice, Academy students are expected to give their best effort in all activities. It is important that students listen to the excellent Academy instructional staff. Active listening ensures students understand the drills and are not a distraction to other students.


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